A Little About Me

I first started dabbling into the world of web development by learning how to code watching Lynda.com videos and going through Codecademy tutorials. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with it and it wasn’t much later when I decided that web design is what I want to pursue as my career.

I have completed the Technical Web Designer program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver. I learned HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, and other development tools, such as Git, Gulp, and React.js. In terms of design, I explored UX Design, SEO strategies, and how to communicate with the client and team members.


Dragan Georgiev

Front-End Web Developer

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • jQuery, React, UX Design
  • Hosting & Domain Services
  • Git, Gulp, SEO
  • WordPress


Why Would You Hire Me


Continuously improving the usability and quality of the web to meet and exceed user expectations.


Working as a navigator through options and features of a project to a solution that is both user-centered and client-focused.


From brainstorming to finished product – the adventure of making ideas come to life in the most brilliant yet accessible way.


At the ready to run the distance with perseverance while keeping a wide-angle view of the bigger picture and long-range purpose of the project.


My Recent Works

A web project is a process of developing and creating a Website, activities in a network that are aimed at a pre-defined goal. The goal of web projects is the transfer of static and dynamic content – both directly to end-users, as well as indirectly through means of various kinds of interfaces.

A Web project involves many aspects, including programming and the accompanying software development, Web business, Web server, and network administration, hosting, graphics/design, the development and administration of databases, construction of interfaces, project management, and quality assurance, search engine optimization, the maintenance of data in content management/editing systems and much more.

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Stuff I’m Good At

E-Shops Development

- WooCommerce -

E-Shops Development

Offering unique design solutions to each customer - is one of the key areas of our activity. The design process is based on the latest technologies of interface development and page control. This approach helps to successfully combine practical and esthetical aspects of the web-project.

Web Sites Development

- WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP -

Web Site Development

• Development and Design
for new and existing websites
• Managing and editing content
• Brand/visual integration
• Making blogposts
• Creating visuals for site banners or slides
• Revolution slider animation
• Form creation and testing
• Plug-in management

SEO Online Marketing

- SEO -

SEO Online Marketing

SEO is the process of improving your website and online presence, both on-page and off-page to improve its rankings in search engines like Google. When your website ranks highly in search engines, it will yield more clicks from users.


- Hosting & Domain Services -


Web hosting and domain hosting, though closely related, are two different services.
Web hosts allow users to create and store content, like a website, on Internet servers.
Domain hosts provide domain names, which help visitors access your web content.

A Web development process is a documented outline of the steps needed to be taken from start to finish in order to complete a typical Web design project. It divides and categorizes the work and then breaks these high-level sections into tasks and resources that can be used as a road map for each project.

Let's Discuss Your Project!



Let’s Discuss Your Project!


What Clients Say About Me


Web Design Process – Behind The Scenes

  • 1. Discussion

    In this initial stage, the designer needs to identify the end goal of the website design, usually in close collaboration with the client or other stakeholders. This will help to put the design on the right path.

  • 3. Planning

    During this step, through research and brainstorming sessions, we will outline the first ideas and concepts for the website that would fit the client’s specifications. Once a hierarchy of page organization is created, the layout of content on each page must be given consideration.

  • 3. Design

    The design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality. The main deliverables are a documented site structure and, more importantly, a visual representation.

  • 4. Development

    Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content (whether by your team or the client’s). Keep code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape.

  • 5. Testing

    Thoroughly test each page to make sure all links are working and that the website loads properly on all devices and browsers. Testing in the production environment is important because different servers can have different features and unexpected behavior (e.g. different database host addresses).

  • 6. Launch

    The purpose of the launch phase is to prepare the website for public viewing. This requires final polishing of design elements, deep testing of interactivity and features, and, most of all, a consideration of the user experience.


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I’m always excited to hear about new projects and work opportunities. If you have any questions, ideas for making things better, or just want to say hi, please contact me.

I’d be happy to hear from you.

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